Found below are links to external sites featured here at SuperCasinoGame. These are links to sites we believe are worthy of visiting as resources to better educated and understand various aspects of online casinos, statistical information and other valid info. - Provides information about UK online gambling including some interesting stats - External Link - One of the most feature / content rich online casino gambling portals we've come across on the web. Really a great guide for those of you out there interested in learning all there is to know about online casinos and gambling online - External Link - Interesting article on the about how online gambling is ruining a lot of peoples lives - External Link - Guide dedicated to providing information about online casinos and gambling online for New Zealand players. A simple guide that offers reviews and other information - External Link - Aquarius information on UK gambling statistics for any one out there interested - External Link - Gamblers Anonymous for those who reside in the UK and Ireland - External Link - Pretty decent guide on online casinos and gambling in general including info on poker, bingo and sports betting with a focus on the UK player - External Link